Engagement Shoots



Engagement shoots are a fun of us getting to know each other, and so you can see how I work. It is also so that you can feel relaxed on your big day in front of the camera.

We do the shoots with both of you, finding some interesting locations which will add to the aesthetics of your partnership together. I also like to bring across personalities, and people’s hobbies or interests, preferably that they like to do as a couple. I also like to have some fun, so I might get you play games together – and really just show some enjoyment of each other’s company in front of the camera!

If you are unsure about working with me for your wedding, or worried about having your picture taken, then why not give an engagement shoot a go. I am a very jolly, friendly person, and I like to make people feel relaxed when I shoot with them.

If you like what you see after the shoot, then why not make an album or use the pictures in your wedding stationery, - both of which we can design and get printed for you. Or better still; book us to do your actual wedding!

Get in touch; we can’t wait to hear from you!